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Top-of-the-line home defense: The HDR 50 is a revolver with visible strengths – large caliber (.50), enormous muzzle energy and an imposing appearance.

The easy-to-load rotary magazine holds six .50-caliber projectiles that are fired at up to 7.5 Joules. Power is supplied by a CO? cartridge located in the grip. A light blow at the bottom suffices to pierce it, and the optical and tactile pressure indicator will show that you’re ready to fire. Thus the Home Defense Revolver 50 is ready to use at any time and has full cartridges when you need them. Its looks are impressive too. The aggressive design, broad form and remarkable size are bound to scare any attacker. The textured frame surfaces give you a secure grip even in stress situations, and a trigger blade safety prevents accidental firing if you should ever drop the gun.

Suitable for all T4E ammunition in caliber .50

Caliber .50
Energy level (E?) < 7.5 J
Magazine capacity 6 rounds
Shot capacity 18 rounds
Power Source 1x 12 g CO?
Trigger Double Action Only
Safety Automatic Trigger Safety
Length 250 mm
Weight 675 g