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Estate and Road Closure

At  Elite Guarding Services, we offer residential security guard services and pride ourselves in the caliber of our guards. All our employees are carefully screened and well trained to ensure a high standard of service professionals and the safety of the people we protect. Furthermore, our policy of looking after staff makes us a magnet for the best in the home security service industry.

From lifestyle estates, small exclusive shopping centers to large shopping malls and office blocks, EGS has the capacity and capability of keeping you safe.


Our home security guard services include some of the large estates in the greater Gauteng area supplying carefully screened and chosen guards for your estate. Our management has a unique hands-on approach and we combine residential security guards with security technology making sure that our customers get a tailor-made solution for their particular estate, which may require different SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) from one estate to the next.

Contact us today to discuss your home security guard service needs